The importance of hand washing

31/03/2014 13:46

Treated as one of the methods most basic and important, hand washing is a simple act that does not take more than five minutes and that can prevent numerous times for the presence of viruses , bacteria and diseases that are transmitted through the contact of various surfaces or are in the environment. It is believed that hand washing can prevent us , in addition to small disease conditions , serious problems such as the different types of hepatitis that is spread through person to person contact and that can mean profound health complications .

All health professionals agree on the importance of hand washing to maintain personal hygiene and to avoid the presence of different types of diseases. Thus, a simple act like washing hands can prevent us from endless complications.

It is normally recommended to wash hands at least three times a day , especially before eating , after leaving the bathroom and re-enter when you come home from outside. This is because it is estimated that these are the most delicate moments of everyday life, especially when one comes from the outside area where endless amount of viruses and bacteria are present in the air, on the various surfaces , etc. . While many of these viruses and bacteria are harmless and not too serious , many of them can be combined with others and become dangerous , besides facilitating diseases like the flu , diarrhea, etc. .